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The new HOWA TALON Thumbhole Rifle combines the performance features of a thumbhole stock with the award winning Axiom Rifle Stock design. Utilizing the new Two-Stage dual  Knoxx recoil compensating systems, the Axiom TH has the ability to reduce felt recoil of even the most potent rifle rounds by up to 70%. Whether it’s hard hitting big game ammunition or shoulder pounding predator ammunition, the new TwoStage Recoil system makes all rifle calibers easy for any shooter to handle!

The HOWA TALON Thumbhole Rifle Stock’s polymer and alloy construction makes it durable, reliable and built to last. The Howa Talon Thumbhole unique features and design of the thumbhole design allows sport shooters and hunters improved accuracy, quicker target acquisition, steady firearm control and the ability to comfortably use their rifles in a variety of shooting positions. Deer, elk and predator hunters alike will find their target hit ratios improving as flinching and recoil anticipation dramatically decreases. Designed with a rifle hunter in mind, and practically devoid of any harsh recoil, the HOWA TALON is an ideal choice for those shooters looking to substantially improve the performance of their bolt action rifles. Soft on the shoulder, hard on the target!

Available in short actions (308, 223, 243, 6.5 Creedmoor)

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