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Performance Shooting Rest with Tray

Featuring durable molded polymer and steel tube construction, the Champion® Performance Shooting Rest holds a rifle securely, delivering long-range accuracy on the range or in the field. This rugged rest allows shooters to quickly modify the elevation with 2.25 inches of adjustment and boasts a rugged steel tray to tame even the most powerful firearms.


Features & Benefits

Premium-grade rest for long-range accuracy

Unique industrial design and appearance

Durable molded polymer and steel tube construction

Compatible with magazine-fed rifles

Removable steel weight tray

Ambidextrous design

Rapid elevation adjustment, up to 2.25 inches

Ergonomic, rapid-adjust elevation wheel

Adjustable steel feet with removable polymer covers

Leather and polyester front shooting bag

40203 Performance Shooting Rest with Tray

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