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Main Features:

800 Lumen Emergency Back-up Lantern
Up to 50 Hours Run-Time
Rechargeable - User Replaceable 6V 4aH Battery
Natural Warm White Light
USB Output
24 LED and 8 LED Lamp Function

Auto-on emergency function
When leaving your unit on charge in the ON position, in the event of a power outage, the LED unit will switch on automatically. This also ensures the optimum battery charging which will lead to a longer battery life.

The warm white LED’s provide a very bright natural warm mood illumination with true colour rendition.

24 LED and 8 LED rechargeable lamp function
Up to 50 hours run time 
Over 10000 hours of Led life 
Built-in storage of AC power cord 
User-replaceable Battery - Simply slide the back cover off to access the battery
Power bank function
Solar Panel accessory available - MS1081-SP