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The GG Evolution stock in the green/grey color combination has a radical design made possible through the increased strength of hardwood laminates. While the bolt is on the right hand side, the stock design is fully ambidextrous including the cheekpiece, teardrop pistol grip and palm swell. 

The extreme free float provided by the GG Evolution stock design ensures the realization of the full target potential of the 455 Varmint platform. The 455 Varmint action along with the GG Evolution stock will accept any of the accessory barrels available for the 455 platform.

The well-proven barreled action of the CZ 455 is complemented with a thick-walled barrel in order to secure accuracy of fire for intermediate to long distances and also reduces the effects caused by the barrel temperature. This rimfire rifle is designated to be used with optical sights (rifle scope) attached by the dovetail at the upper section of the receiver.

The CZ 455 Evolution comes as standard with a 5-round plastic magazine, with a 10-round magazine as optional.

• Caliber: .22 LR
• Magazine Capacity: 5
• Stock: Laminated Green / Grey Hardwood
• Trigger mechanism operation: User adjustable
• Rate of twist: 1 in 16"
• Overall length: 975 mm / 38.4"
• Barrel length: 525 mm / 20.6"
• Weight: 3.3 kg
• Barrel: Hammer forged heavy barrel