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Fits 1911 and clones with 3" up to 4" barrels. Ambidextrous holster for both right and left hand users.

Sticky Holsters allow you to deploy and adjust your firearm in seconds. No bulky clips or straps to get in the way. Our lightweight holsters weigh less than 3 oz. and the closed-end design keeps lint and dust out, while keeping gun oil off of you. Body heat and use conforms holster to your gun, so your holster fit will continue to improve with use. 




Model Name    Caliber    Barrel
AMT Compact Elite1    45ACP    3.625
Colt Defender    45ACP    3
Colt Defender    9MM    3
Colt DAO Series    45ACP    3
Star, S.A. PD    45ACP    3.9
Armscor 1911A1-CS PS    45ACP    3.5
Olympic Arms Cohort    45ACP    4
Olympic Arms Constable    45ACP    4
Olympic Arms Journeyman    45ACP    4
STI International Off Duty    9MM    3
STI International Off Duty    45ACP    3
Wilson Combat Sentinel    9MM    3.6
Wilson Combat CQB Compact    45ACP    4
Kimber Pro CDP II    45    4
Kimber Ultra CDP II    45ACP    3
Kimber Ultra CDP II (LG)    45ACP    3
Kimber Ultra+ CDP II    45ACP    3
Kimber Compact CDP II    45ACP    4
Kimber Ultra Covert II    45ACP    3
Kimber Pro Covert II    45ACP    5
Kimber Ultra Aegis II    9MM    3
Kimber Pro Aegis II    9MM    4
Kimber Compact Stainless II    45ACP    4
Kimber Pro Carry II    45ACP    4
Kimber Stainless Pro Carry II    45ACP    4
Kimber Pro Carry HD II    45ACP    4
Kimber Pro TLE II    45ACP    4
Kimber Pro TLE/RL II    45ACP    4
Kimber Stainless Pro TLE II    45ACP    4
Kimber Stainless Pro TLE II (LG)    45ACP    4
Kimber Stainless Pro TLE/RL II    45ACP    4
Kimber Ultra Carry II    45ACP    3
Kimber Ultra TLE II    45ACP    3
Kimber Ultra TLE II (LG)    45ACp    3
Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry II    45ACP    3
Kimber Stainless Ultra TLE II    45ACP    3
Kimber Stainless Ultra TLE II (LG)    45ACP    3
Kimber Ultra Raptor II    45ACP    3
Kimber Stainless Ultra Raptor II    45ACP    3
Kimber Pro Raptor II    45ACP    4
Kimber Stainless Pro Raptor II    45ACP    4
Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II    45ACP    3
Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II    45    4
Kimber Super Carry Ultra    45ACP    3
Kimber Super Carry Ultra HD    45ACP    3
Kimber Super Carry Ultra+    45ACP    3
Kimber Super Carry Pro    45ACP    4
Kimber Super Carry Pro HD    45ACP    4
Kimber Tactical Ultra II    45ACP    3
Kimber Tactical Pro II    45ACP    4
Kimber Ultra RCP II    45ACP    3
Kimber Eclipse Ultra II    45ACP    3
Kimber Eclipse Pro II    45ACP    4
Kimber Eclipse Pro Target II    45ACP    4
Colt Commander - 1911    45 acp    4.0