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This is the perfect Kit for someone starting out, but wants more than the basics and prefers to prime off the press.

We have taken the worlds most popular Breech Lock Challenger Press and combined it with the best accessories at a price less than what others charge for a “basic kit.”

Highlights are the Deluxe Perfect Powder MeasureAuto Bench Prime with Priming Tool Shell Holder SetDeluxe Quick Trim and a copy of the latest version of Modern Reloading, featuring over 36,000 loads for over 170 cartridges. Plus, it includes the Case Conditioning KitPowder Funnel and Lee Case Lubricant found in our other kits. Purchased separately, value comes to over $344.00.

This Kit and a set of Lee dies is everything you need to start reloading, and it’s all the best products, so you’ll never outgrow the Kit.

Rifle reloading? Complete this Kit with Case Length Gauge or Quick Trim Die to trim your brass.