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The Nikko Stirling Panamax 4.5-14×50 is packed with features. The Nikko Stirling Panamax 4.5-14×50 series have been designed around an extremely wide angle field of view which is approx 20% more than the average comparable 1”scopes on the market today. The Nikko Stirling Panamax 4.5-14×50 AO Illuminated follows suits and continues with its proven hard anodized high grade aluminium 1 inch main tubes. The new Nikko Stirling Panamax design is not only visually appealing but also durable to handle heavy recoil rifles. The Nikko Stirling Panamax 4.5-14×50 is equipped with parallax adjustment on the objective bell of the scope (AO) and features an illuminated reticle (IR) Hold fast reticle. The illumination on the Nikko Stirling Panamax 4.5-14×50 AO model features a red and green illuminated Hold fast reticle and this helps to make it a top performer from Dawn-till-Dusk. This scope is sure to be a hit with hunters and recreational shooters everywhere.