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The Bullet Feeder designed to directly fit the Pro1000Load-Master and new Auto Breech Lock Pro presses. Automatically feeds bullets into the mouth of the Seating Die. Align bullets more accurately than possible by hand. Increases the cyclic rate 50 to 100%. The Bullet Feed Kit is complete for one bullet diameter and range of length. To determine which Bullet Feeder you need, you will need to measure the bullet's diameter and, most importantly, the length of the bullet in inches. To convert to another caliber or bullet length select appropriate Feed Die & Finger and purchase corresponding Lee bullet seat and feed die.

NOTE:   Pro1000's built prior to 1992 do not have the attach lug necessary to mount the Bullet Feed Kit to the Carrier. If you have an older Carrier, please purchase a new one here.

The tube holds 25 bullets. The kit comes with 2 tubes (small and large), when you load small bullets, the small tube fits inside the large tube. When you load large bullets, the small tube is removed.

The Multi-Tube Adapter accessory for the bullet feed kit will allow you to hold approximately 100 bullets.

The Bullet Feed Kit is available in the following bullet diameter's and length's only, click on your size for additional product descriptions. Bullet Feed Kits for rifle calibers are not available. For more information on determining a Bullet Feed Kit, please see this article.

Please note, the bullets that work the best in the bullet feeder are jacketed or lead round nose flat base bullets.


SKU 90894 - Used for 9mm to .365 diameter bullets, with lengths from .46" up to .60" long.


SKU 90895 Used for 9mm to .365 diameter bullets, with lengths from .60" up to .75" long.