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An industry leader in shooting products, Caldwell Shooting Supplies has all your range equipment needs covered, from targets and target stands, to rock solid shooting rests. Engineered with innovative designs and steadfast performance, Innovation Defined...Accuracy Anywhere.

The Universal Brass Catcher attaches to bolt-action and semi-auto rifles with durable hook and loop webbing, capturing spent brass as it is ejected. This prevents brass from being scattered around your shooting area, and is the perfect tool for reloaders.

The heat resistant mesh bags can hold up to 100 rounds of spent brass (.223 Rem). Once full, simply unzip the catcher over an appropriate container to collect your spent cartridges without the need to sweep or stoop over to pick up brass by hand.


  • Swing-open design
  • Universal double hook and loop attachment
  • For use with bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles
  • Internal cage design
  • Heat-resistant mesh bag
  • 100 round capacity (.223)
  • Zippered bottom