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Gun Boss® Universal Flex Rod Kit is a handy weapon cleaning kit in a compact nylon case. It contains all necessary tools to carry out routine maintenance and cleaning of of handguns, rifles and shotguns.

All elements of the set have a dedicated place with a holder inside the case, which immobilizes them and secures them for transport. No damage, zero annoying clattering!

Throw the Gun Boss® kit in your backpack or shooting range bag, and be prepared to take care of your weapon.

- 8 phosphor bronze bore brushes, .22 - .45 cal, 20 ga. & 12 ga.
- 20 / 12 ga. mops
- 3 slotted bore patch tips
- .17 cal brush/slotted patch combo
- Thread adaptor
- T-handle
- Handgun flex rod
- Rifle/shotgun flex rod
- 50 cleaning patches
- Compact, zippered case

Technical info:
- Size (case): 14,5 x 10 x 5 cm
- Weight: 330 g