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Increase your magazine capacity to 9 rounds with this Genuine Ruger 9 Round magazine for the Ruger LC9, LC9s, LC9s PRO & EC9s 9mm semi-auto self defense pistols. These Genuine Ruger mags are GREAT to carry as spare mags to give you some extra ammo for defensive situations, and they are GREAT at the range!

In addition to providing you with two extra 9mm rounds, this magazine also features an integrated grip extension.

Ruger LC9/LC9s/LC9s PRO/EC9s Factory Magazine Features
- Extended magazine adds 2 extra rounds
- Factory magazine guarantees optimal fit and reliability
- Integrated grip extension

Ruger LC9/LC9s/LC9s PRO/EC9s Factory Magazine Specifications
- Compatible With: Ruger LC9, LC9s, LC9s PRO, EC9s
- Caliber: 9mm
- Capacity: 9 Rounds
- Body Finish: Blue (Looks Black)
- Base Plate Material: Polymer (Grip Extension)
- Follower Material: Polymer
- Model Number: 90404
- UPC: 736676904044