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Lynx LX2 5-20x50 Hunter


Suitable for medium to long range hunting and moderate range target shooting.

Crisp optics and side-focus parallax make Lynx LX2 5-20x50 eminently suitable for long range work with flat-shooting calibres. Ideal for hunting or culling springbok at medium to long-range where the high magnification setting of 20x is beneficial when hitting small target area consistently and reliably.

Equally at home on the range and on the hunt in open veld, the optics on Lynx LX2 5-20x50 are crisp and clear enough for you to see bullet holes in a target at 200-300 metres if conditions permit.

  • saddle-mounted parallax adjustment from 25 metres to infinity
  • 30mm one-piece main-tube
  • Magnification range suitable for hunting down to 50 metres and, at 20x, brings a 500 metre distant target down to an apparent 25m 
  • Side focus parallax control
  • 50mm objective lets in 25% more light than a comparable scope with a 40mm lens with just 5mm more height clearance required off the barrel (2.5mm if replacing a scope with 1" tube)
  • 106~96mm eye-relief makes the scope suitable for mounting on any calibre rifle including the heavy ones
  • 40 MOA windage / elevation adjustment (more than 550mm of adjustment at 100 metres in each direction from centre)
  • Available with standard tool-less adjustable 1/4or 1/8 moa windage / elevation controls or ¼ moa target / tactical turrets and a choice of reticles